Why we love the Rolex Datejust

It’s no secret that we at timeless are in love with the Rolex Datejust. We are sure most of you already understand why. But for those of you that don’t, we wrote this short blog.

The most versatile watch ever created.
This is a bold statement but we think it’s true. The Datejust can literally be worn on every imaginable occasion. From the red carpet to a backyard BBQ. It can look sporty but also formal. Because of it’s great size of 36mm it will never stand out to much nor will it be overlooked. Wear it on the stainless steel jubilee or match it with a nice leather strap. You simply can’t go wrong with the Datejust.

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Ok this is obviously a little dangerous to say about a Rolex that costs more than €4000. But it is one of the most affordable vintage Rolex watches you can buy. And for this price you will get a great value - a watch which you can strap on literally every day - for your money. It’s the perfect ticket to start your journey into the world of vintage Rolex.

Steel, gold or a combination of both? Silver, black, linen, blue, Buckley or stone dials everything is possible with the Datejust. This makes this watch very interesting for a lot of collectors. And there’s something to like for almost everyone. We happen to like almost every variation.

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Personal favorite
A question I get asked a lot: “what’s your favorite Rolex Datejust configuration?”. As said above I like most configurations but I do have a clear favorite. It’s the reference 1601, with ofcourse the white gold fluted bezel. The dial has to be the amazing linen dial in a no lume configuration with black inlay hour markers and matching hands. The way this dial catches the light is amazing. It just never stops amazing me. This all has to be fitted on the folded jubilee bracelet.

Whichever way you like it you just can’t go wrong with a Rolex Datejust.

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